Kitobo Island, Lake Victoria, Uganda

Our pilot project


Photovoltaic generation capacity
of 230 KWP


We provide clean energy
to over 2000 people in the main village


We deliver productive energy
to more than 150 local businesses

We pride ourselves on helping our customers to explore new business opportunities

We have developed a number of businesses ready to be replicated.
And we are always open to new ideas and partners.

Transforming people's lives

Inspiring story about the transformational effects resulting from the delivery of productive energy

“Everybody day and night
thinking what to do with this power”

Our Account for Ice Machine

Listen to Andrew Tatyam’s tale on the transformational effects of our delivery of AC power and productive assets to his village.

“Now we have power
We produce everything we need
People were so excited
They saw it as their survival”

Our Manager for Poultry Farm

Thanks to the energy Jonathan Makanga open his own Poultry Farm and instead of importing the chickens from the mainland he rears chickens in loco for eggs and meat

“We used to get chicken from Kampala,
now since Absolute is here,
we keep our chicken here”