We deliver productive energy
to accelerate development

Empowering rural prosperity

We provide Universal Energy Access with modern hybrid solutions aimed at delivering productive energy both for the on grid and off grid markets.

We go beyond the grid to and we provide Universal Energy Access power rural development through a holistic approach based on a symbiotic growth with local communities.


Absolute Energy is committed to providing affordable productive energy to all people, in order to enable and accompany sustainable socio-economic growth in a symbiotic manner.


Absolute Energy is committed to providing this vital resource everywhere it operates. Water at or above the required threshold of 1,700 cubic meters per person with an aim of providing drinking water, sanitation ,water for agricultural and industrial use, while minimizing the impact on the environment.


Absolute Energy recognizes the value of education in our communities. AltThough we are do not intend on disrupting formal education, we see an relevant opportunity for impact through practical educational and professional training.


We are eager to partner with “m-medicine” providers and others in the medical field who understand the conditions and challenges of working in Africa.


Absolute Energy recognizes that within the countries we serve there are large portions of the population living in sub-standard housing and without the necessary access to credit that can help them to build, expand, or renovate their homes..


Absolute Energy aims to help communities not only grow enough food to eat but produce enough food to sell. We are continuously looking for new partners to deploy innovative solutions such as irrigation and food processing, to maximize crop yield and economic growth.


We believe that finance must be offered fairly and inclusively, in a format that is compatible with the local needs of our communities.


As part of its holistic development model, Absolute Energy is committed to working with partners to provide practical and sustainable solutions which can be deployed in scale, to truly enable the mobility of rural populations.

Creating new opportunities to transform people lives!

  • Generating and distributing affordable 24/7 productive energy

  • Enhancing quality of life and health conditions (through water purification, clean cooking, housing, [telemedicine], etc.)

  • Upgrading existing businesses and crafting new ones together with our customers (e.g. agriculture, fishing, livestock, etc)

  • Creating new employment opportunities for both men and women

  • Transferring knowledge, best practices and educational training to the communities we serve (though Absolute Learning Accademy)

  • Leveraging on advanced digital and mobile technologies to achieve social impact transformation by offering our customers cutting-edge mobile financial services