Our innovative approach

Absolute Energy’s virtuous circle.

This is generating employment and social prosperity for rural communities by increasing productivity and their ability to create added value in all sectors ranging from agriculture to mining, from fishing to housing and from education to health.

Our solution… productive energy at affordable cost to foster development through innovative approaches to solve sustainability and development issues.

With a new model


An open and transparent Institutional dialogue with Governments
and local authorities to understand needs and achieve win-win results
is at the foundation of our business model

Blended | On & Off – Grid

We believe a blended approach to the business allows Governments to rely
on a single counterparty to improve its service level in selected regions
while helping stabilize the business by client and project diversification


Our institutional approach coupled with a standardized processes
and procedures as well as centralized procurement strategy
makes our model easy to scale

Sustainable in the long term

Our business model ignites virtous circles of development
which will regenerate continuously with progressive demand uptake,
wealth creation and cost reduction to increase energy supply

With a new vision

Absolute Energy’s vision has anticipated how the epochal shift in energy generation and distribution technologies as well as digitalisation will transform Emerging Markets’ socio-economic development.

Our Vision for today and tomorrow is clear!

Technology is pervasive and both electrification and development models should be adjusted to fully benefit from such developments. Energy generation, storage and distribution are experiencing an epochal shift driven by technology. This represents a unique opportunity for emerging markets and rural areas.